Family owned and operated Bonin Boarding and Dog Training Center has been serving Acadiana since 1987.

We are a full service boarding and training facility.
We offer individual training sessions and we offer packages for people who wish to leave their dog with us for obedience, specialized or hunting training.
Each year many dogs are trained here in classes ranging from basic obedience training for
Hunter Training

 Perfect for the owner with little free time.

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At Bonin’s we use positive reinforcement to teach dogs appropriate behavior. We have found that dogs respond much better to praise and reward than other methods. It’s easier on the dog as well as on the owner.

Bonin’s is one of the leading facilities in south Louisiana for retreiver training. We offer field, water, and live bird training. Our facility is outstanding and an excellent way for your dog to learn hunting or field work.

Bonin’s is also a full service boarding facility with covered drop off and pick-up and an indoor, state of the art, climate controlled kennel. Your dog will receive plenty of exercise and love each day of its stay.

Schedule your dog for boarding or training while you’re on vacation and know that your dog is in the best of hands at Bonin’s.


A Hurricane Katrina Story

This is Adrien Bonin, John's eldest daughter, and her beloved dog, Billie.  Adrien and Billie came to the rescue of a little boy named Cody whose family lost everything as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  One thing the family still had was Cody's dog.  While they were stopped in Lafayette, Cody's dog chased a ball into the street and was killed by a car.  John Bonin answered the call about the dog, and spoke to the parents and the ten year old boy, who was in tears about his dog. 

John found out that the boy had always wanted a lab, and told the family that he had just the special little dog that needed a special little boy.  After the family got settled, and they came to Bonin Boarding and and Adrien introduced Cody to Billie.  It was really a match made in heaven.  Adrien  gave Cody his handlers course, showing him what he needed to do on his obedience and retriever drills. The smile on Cody's face while working Billie was priceless. Cody and his family now live in Houma and are doing very well. They are  very grateful that Adrien made Cody's dream come true. He may have lost his home and his dog, but now he has Billie and that made everything all right.

Adrien and Billie

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